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New Year, New You: Plan Accordingly!

Looking to enter the New Year looking younger and more refreshed?  It's important to plan your beauty needs around a hectic holiday schedule, so if you're thinking of amping up your look for the New Year (or any Holiday Parties) here's some helpful hints/guidelines: Non-Invasive Spray Tan Spray tans typically last 7-14 days.  If your thinking of spraying (which I highly recommend), do it as close to your event as possible!  You can't shower for 6 hours after a spray, and you can smell a little bit sugary post-spray, so keep this in mind.  For the best results, spray the day before.   Facial A plain old facial can be done anywhere from...

A Little About Laser

Fun Math I'm 5'8" tall.  I'd say a good 3 1/2 feet of that is legs.  I figure I spend 30 minutes a day shaving those legs (and underarm and bikini). 30 min./day X 365 days/year = 10,950 minutes/year wasted shaving That's a lot of minutes ladies!! Now let's do razors, and I'm going to underestimate. $12/month on razors 12 months/year shave for 50 years That's $7,200 a lifetime on razors. Plus shaving cream.  Let's say that's $5 a month.  That's $3,000 dollars a lifetime.  For a total of over $10,000 (not to mention the price of hot water).  And not to mention being in the shower shaving for an entire year of your life...

How to Tip Your Beauty Provider

In their younger years, my mother was a waitress and my father was a bartender.  They taught me you always tip 20% unless the service is really bad.  People who work in the service industry depend on their tips as a large portion of their income.  Waitress's make like $2 an hour.  You can't live off that! Hairdresser's and aesthetician's have a similar sentiment.  How should they be tipped?  Here's a guide! Hair Stylist  15%-20% of your service.  If you have a hard time figuring this out, and for some reason you left your cell at home, think of it like this.  20% is $2 on every $10.  So...