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Great Gifts for the Women in Your Life

Having a hard time finding the perfect gift?  Here's a few things every female fancies (you can't go wrong)!  Gift Certificates For: a manicure/pedicure ($15-$50) a facial ($45-$150) Her Favorite Hair Salon (be sure not to get just ANY salon) a massage ($60-$100) a day at the Spa A nice robe/winter gloves/hat/scarf.  We all wear them...

Lovely Lashes!

Eyes are the window to the soul, and lashes are the curtains, brows are the valances (sometimes I take analogies too far).  This blog is about how to get the best lashes for your windows ;). Mascara cost $7-$20 I read a long long time ago in Seventeen Magazine that even if you're going to be an au natural girl, you should still wear mascara.  It makes a huge difference!  My favorite mascara is Maybelline Great Lash.  The pink tube with the green top.  It doesn't clump and is about $7.  Other than that, I have no opinion on mascara.  Any suggestions? [caption id="attachment_214" align="alignleft" width="180" caption=""Starry Eye Lash""][/caption] Strip Lashes...