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The Halo Effect

The idea in psychology/sociology that attractive people are seen as angelic and are therefore stereotyped with having angelic qualities and treated with positive enforcement of these "qualities." Studies have shown that attractive people achieve more in life, are generally happier, and have more self-confidence. Quick Personal Story About 2 years ago, I was dating this really good looking, smart guy and I really liked him.  And I let him treat me...

Beauty Defined

What makes a person beautiful? It is a combination of inner beauty (psychological factors) and outer beauty (physical attractiveness).  Beauty is defined with individual, cultural and universal standards which every single person desires to achieve. Universally Beautiful Throughout time and across cultures, there are several characteristics of physical attractiveness.  Boston or not, beauty is: Symmetry proportion and layout among facial features (Proportion: The Rule of Thirds and Fifths) well aligned appearance on profile Clear, Smooth, Even Skin A Youthful Appearance. Boston Culture Although we are ranked as one of the countries most intelligent cities, we don't fare so well in the areas of physical attractiveness (or friendliness for that matter!).  It's 2011 Boston!  You can be both...