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There's a fine line between tan and looking like you rolled in a bag of doritos.

Dear My Generation,

Stop going in the tanning bed.  It is BAD for you.  I hear you.  It looks good… it’s addicting… it feels good to be in the warmth of the bed.  I used to tan all the time.  Since I started working in aesthetics thought, I’ve become extremely pale.  I refuse to sit in the sun without S.P.F and a hat.  I don’t care how silly I look, I know the effects of the sun, and being a sun worshiper will effect my career.  So I stopped.  I know not everyone needs to look young for a job, so why do you think you look better after tanning?

If your answer to this is I want to clear up my acne, my answer to you is:  SEE AN AESTHETICIAN.

Step 1: See a Professional then Step 2: Spend wisely on products that WORK.

If you say, I like the look of being tan, I say spray it.  I just learned how fun spraying is!

Using natural elements like sugarcane and beets based products won’t clog  your pores, and better yet, it won’t cause skin cancer, and most important:  It won’t prematurely age your skin!!!  My favorite part:  I smell like candy after tanning!  (I have a sweet tooth).

90% of aging is due to the sun.  All the sun worshipers of the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s are obvious when they walk in my door.  Usually within minutes of our first conversation they tell me they used to sit in the sun with baby oil.  And reflectors.  These women have notably thick leathery skin.  This is from natural UV light, I’d hate to see what we’re (well not me… my generation) going to look like!

So if you feel the need to be tan, please PLEASE go spray tan!

Product Review: Skin Cancer Preventing Ingredients.


Before Spray

After Spray

Laura Kimberley

Laura is a Registered Nurse of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts specializing in non-invasive and minimal invasive aesthetic and anti-aging techniques. She is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Laura has worked at Children's Hospital of Boston in Cardiac Intensive Care and Cardiac Critical Care, holding many certifications within the field. In 2009, she left to pursue her passion for aesthetics. Laura is a Certified Advanced Cosmetic Injector by American Aesthetics Institute and a Member of the American Medical Aesthetic Professionals. She is an accomplished writer and speaker on aesthetics and anti-aging technology. Passionate about teaching, Laura spent a year as an instructor of Basic Botox and Filler courses. She works with many different organizations and volunteer groups focused on women’s health and women in business. Laura also does nonprofit work with patients suffering from lipoatrophy. Her objective is to provide multifaceted techniques to help people achieve individual beauty goals.



  • Ashley Lojko (@ashkalei)

    Haha…I hate it when I see people who are tinted dorito orange 🙂 I’ve never been tanning in a salon and I ALWAYS use sunscreen. There is no way I’d go without it. I attribute my mostly wrinkle-free skin to the fact that I take care to hide it as much as I can from those harmful UV rays.

    November 14, 2011 at 4:32 pm
  • michelle omalley crowley

    Hi my name is Michelle Im 45 years old ,when i was younger i always sat in the sun , every day in the summer ,then i started going into tanning booths , i thought i looked so good with color all nice and tanned . Well i had this mole on my shoulder , had it for years ,it started changing colorswas to the point it was black , i went to my doctor who referred me to a dermatologist ,they took biopsies ,i went back up two weeks later ,the Dr. told me to sit down , n said “you have melanoma ,skin cancer , i know you want to cry right now and are scared but you dont know how lucky you are that you got here when you did ,if you waited any longer I;d be telling you to get your affairs in order and get your casket ready” . I was devastated ,they caugh my skin cancerr at stage one the last stage of stage one ,they did surgery two weeks later ,cut me open in the shape of a football , it was day surgery , thankfully they got it all ,i had to go back monthly , then every three months ,to six ,months for 2 years ,i now go every 6 months . what a scare that was ,i use sunblock in the summer with a self tanner in it so i have some color ,but also block out the sun , all that time i thought i looked so good with my tan i was damaging my skin ,and really could have died if i didnt catch it in time ,i noww have a huge scar on my shoulder ,not so pretty ! so if you go in the sun on a regular basis or go to tanning booths you are making a big mistake ,you might be thinking you look so pretty with your little sun burn or tan ,but when you end up having a huge scar beause they have to open you up and dig out the cancer , your not going to think its so pretty ! please think before you go in the sun without sunblock and think even harder before you go into tanning booths ! i really hope my story has changed at least a couple of minds ! God bless and please think about this !

    November 26, 2011 at 2:04 am
  • Irwin Reyers

    I really prize your work , Great post.

    January 8, 2012 at 1:29 am
  • Devon Nin

    Skin cancer is always preventable if you just use SPF sunblock creams when going out in the sun for a very long time. UV is the main cause of skin cancer and we should avoid it. ;.'”‘

    Till next time“>

    July 24, 2012 at 9:44 am

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